Our Programs

At Most Wanted Driving School we provide driving lessons to suit you and your individual requirements with a range of learning to drive packages on offer

Behind the Wheel Driving Gain Real Driving Experience

Our highly skilled instructors teach all ages and use their expertise to make learning easy and enjoyable. They work hard to give their students great learning experience, their undivided attention, continuity in the learning process, and to instill confidence in their students.

As a compulsory rule after you receive your learner’s permit, you will require to complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with any state-licensed driving school. Nevertheless, it is important that you complete 50 hours of driving practice with either a certified instructor or with a parent. At One Nation Driving School, our instructor works one to one with a student, assesses their individual skill level, and progresses according to that.

Skills Taught At Most Wanted Driving School:

  • We teach City driving which will include speed control, lane changes, turning, braking when needed, passing, steering, signaling, school crossings, one-way roads, anticipation and scanning Traffic control devices – understanding signs, lights, and road markings.
  • Parking – standard and parallel parking.
  • Highway driving – entering, exiting, lane positioning, speed control, following distance and passing